Golf Tournament
The Golf Tournament Planning Committee coordinates & hosts an annual fundraising tournament that brings architects & design professionals together with vendors & allied professionals from the A/E/C industry. The tournament raises scholarship funds for students facing financial hardship. Proceeds from the tournament benefit AIA continuing education programs & scholarships for students studying architecture in the nation's only 2+2+2 architectural degree program.
About Valencia College:  Valencia College provides the foundation & lower division courses in the 2+2+2 academic degree program.
About UCF School of  Architecture: UCF offers a Bachelor of Design in Architecture. Through the 2+2+2 program, every step of higher education is right here in CFL. 
About UF Citylab-Orlando:  Citylab-Orlando is a partner in the unique 2+2+2 program leading to a master of architecture degree. The program explores architectural ideas within the context of the city & uses the City of Orlando as a learning laboratory.

Was your new resolution to learn something new or learn how to play golf?

By Laura Lewis, PE

We are going into the second month of the year. Have you thought any further of your new year’s resolutions? Three of the top ten new year’s resolutions normally comprise of: spending more time with family, friends and/or being more social, getting fit, and learning something new. For me, it is actually writing an article so here it goes. Several years ago, it was learning golf for the first time.

Did you ever want to understand why there are so many clubs in a golf bag or why golf balls have dimples? Do you ever want to understand the lingo of golf: birdies, bogeys, bump-and runs. Does it matter that I am using my cousin Tom’s clubs? Does it matter that I don’t own a pair of loud pants and smell like my uncle Fred?

There are many ways to pick up and learn a new skill or sport. I reached out to the local library and checked a few books and VHS tapes to learn how to play golf. This was pre-internet. I also asked a fellow co-worker to give a couple of tips before our company golf tournament coming up. We went out to the range and hit a few. I learned there is a difference from reading and renting a couple of VHS tapes to going out and trying it.  

There are several different learning styles that you can use to develop that new skill. Auditory: hearing and listening, Visual: seeing and watching, and kinesthetic: touching and doing. Yes. You can go watch a Youtube video though you make not get the full effect of why people have spikes on their shoes and do the fist bump when they make a little white ball go into a hole without doing it yourself.

AIA Orlando would like to invite you to a beginner’s golf clinic to give you an opportunity to get exposure to the sport and provide you that opportunity to cross something off your new year’s resolution list. It is just in time for preparation for the AIA Annual golf tournament. If you are interested, you can sign here for the beginner’s golf clinic. The golf tournament is sold out though we are need of volunteers for the day of the tournament. Please contact Debbie Coble at if you are interested.

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