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A'17 Conference on Architecture

AIA Orlando was the host chapter for the AIA Conference on Architecture 2017.  Orlando is widely known for our world-class theme parks and attractions; however, those of us that call Orlando home recognize that this is only part of the story of our vibrant city. The Orlando area also offers a vibrant diversity of architecture (from Frank Lloyd Wright, Bauhaus to Calatrava), has a rich arts community, an innovative technology and simulation on industry, and is leading hub for healthcare.  AIA Conference on Architecture 2017 provided a unique opportunity to showcase our members, allied members, and local partners.

We had approximately 20,000 convention attendees, representing decision makers from across the building industry. We planned engaging activities to showcase Central Florida to attendees and also created a custom architectural-focused Visitor’s Guide.  With a print run of over 10,000, the guide features local not to be missed architecture as well as restaurants and other entertainment venues throughout the city.  Other activities included:

  • Over 50 unique educational tours throughout Central Florida

  • Exhibits showcasing local projects and local talent at the Convention Center

  • Publication of the definitive Architectural Guide to Central Florida, highlighting local architecture

A Special Thank You To The Host Chapter Planning Committees


Dan Kirby, FAIA


Jacquelyn Hale, AIA

On Site Events Chair

Nathan Butler, AIA

Sponsorship Co-Chair

Alan Helman, FAIA

Sponsorship Co-Chair

Chu-Tzu Hsu, FAIA

Tours Chair 

Christy Norcross 

Community Involvement and Awareness Chair

Ronok Doolen Nichols, AIA

Special Events Chair

Carl Shea

2017 AIA Orlando Executive Director

Allison Goldenberg

Guidebook Editor

Gregory Stock, AIA

Volunteers Chair

Kandice Kroger, AIA

2017 AIA Orlando President

Holly Stenger, AIA

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