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Firm Profiles


5th Dimension Architecture & Interiors


AB Design Group, Inc. - Commercial, Multi-Family & Residential

AECOM - Resorts, Hospitality, Entertainment, Recreation, Civic

Aleskovsky Architecture + Interiors - Residential, Commercial, Interior

AO - Hospitality, Industrial, Office, Restaurants, Health

APFULLER CONSULTANTS, PLLC - Governmental, Commercial, Educational & Industrial
A/R/C Associates Inc. - Roofing, Waterproofing, and Building Envelope, Investigation and Design

Archinetics, Inc. -  Commercial, Health

ArchitectLink - Healthcare; Senior Living; Memory Care; Design Build; Business Development
Architects Design Group, Inc. - Public Safety, Civic, Government & Criminal Justice

Associated Design and Construction, Inc.
Athena Medical Group

Avcon, Inc. - Transportation



Baker Barrios Architects, Inc. - Architecture, Interior, Landscape, Planning & Structural

Balding Design Group

Barton Malow Company - Pre-construction, Facility, Interior, Technology

Baskervill - Corporate, Commercial, Hospitality, Educational, Health
Beck Architecture, LLC - Commercial, Civic, Educational, Health, Multi-Family & Retail
Bentley Architects & Engineers, Inc. - Commercial, Structural, Transportation & Land Development
Blankenship Architects Inc. - Aviation, Business, Commercial, Industrial, Restaurants
BLOC Architecture - Commercial & Residential

Bock Architecture, Inc. - Commercial Office, Medical Office, Retail, Industrial, Leisure and Hospitality, and Interior Design

Borrelli + Partners, Inc. - Transportation, Recreation, Civic, Residential, Governmental & Educational

BPF Design, Inc. - Commercial, Residential, Retail Single-Family & Multi-Family

BRPH Architects-Engineers, Inc. - Entertainment, Hospitality, Commercial, Industrial, Engineering

BSB Design - Single-Family, Multi-Family, Industrial, Restaurants & Golf

BTL architecture

Busch Associates Architects - Single-Family, Multi-Family, Memorial, Business & Restaurants

Butler Moore Architects, LLC - Golf, Hotels, Club Houses, Residential, Commercial & Entertainment


C.T. Hsu & Associates, P.A.
C4 Architecture
- Hospitality, Corporate, Industrial, Medical, Retail
Campbell Architecture - Corporate, Health, Non-Profit & Hospitality
Canin Associates - Resort, Community, Landscape & Planning
CDM Smith

CDP Architecture

Chancellor DesignGroup - Hospitality, Residential, Multi-family, Commercial, Restaurants
Charlan-Brock & Associates - Multi-Family, Resort, Single-Family, Hotels
Consulting Engineers Group, Inc - Parking
Conventional Wisdom Corp. - Convention & Exhibition Centers

Corbel Design, Inc. - Retail, Health, Government, Education, Playground
CORE Consulting Group, Inc. - Roofing, Renovation, Remodeling, Repair

Corgan - Sustainable, Aviation, Commercial, Education, Health

Cost Management, Inc. - Hotel, Renovation, Aviation, Health
CPH Engineers, Inc - Aviation, Commercial, Civil, Landscape 

CT Hsu and Associates, PA. - Education, Government, Transportation, Recreation, Commercial
Cuhaci & Peterson Architects - Retail, Restaurant, Grocery, Hospitality, Interiors


DA|DC Collaborative, LLC - Design, Residential, Commercial

Dan Dixon Architects, LLC - Architecture & Planning

Daniel Corporation of Winter Park

Daniel Z. Wise AIA, LLC

Darden Architects - Healthcare, Interior, Civic, Education

Davis & Associates

DBS Architects PLLC - Net Zero Architecture, Green, Sustainable, Commercial

DBY Building Sciences, LLC - Parking, Commercial

Dewberry & Davis LLC - Environmental, Planning, Interior Design, Transportation

Dewberry Architects Inc. - Civic, Criminal Justice, Interior, Public Safety, Transportation

Dickerson Architects, Inc. - Churches, Residential

Distinctive Builders of Florida, LLC

DLR Group, Inc. - Civic, Government, Hotels, Retail, Education

DSI Design Services Inc. - Commercial, Retail, Financial, Government, Healthcare

Dwell Design Studio - Commercial, Hotels, Interior, Multi-Family, Retail


Edward L. Thomas, Inc. Architect

Eleven18 Architecture, PLCommercial, Entertainment, Multi-Family, Office, Interior

Elfrink Custom Construction, Inc. - Commercial, Retail, Car Wash, Restaurants

Epic Engineering

EYP - Health, Medical, Education, Civic, Engineering


Farmer architecture - Interior, Commercial, Retail, Industrial

FCA Architects - Healthcare, Medical, Educational, Corporate, Interior

Fentress Architects

Fetterhoff Company, Inc. -  Commercial, Civil, Environmental, Restaurants

Finfrock DMC, Inc. - Commercial, Multi-Family, Parking, Mixed-Use

FK Architecture - Hospitality, Multi-Family, Planning, Student Housing, Commercial

Flavia Medina Architects - Single-Family, Residential, Resort, Interior, Hotels

Florida Crown Architects, Engineers & Planners, Inc.

Florida Hospital - Office of Design & Construction Management

Forum Architecture & Interior Design, Inc. -  Multi-Family, Hospitality, Commercial, Interior, Student Housing

Fred M. Humphrey & Associates, Inc.


Gagne Perspective

GatorSktch Architects, Inc.

GCI Inc.

GDP Designbuild, LLC.

Gene Farmer & Associates

Geoffrey Design Group, Inc.

Geoffrey Mouen Architects - Residential, Civic, Planning, Schools, Churches

GMRI, Inc.

GNA+ Design

Gordon & Associates, Architect, LLC

Greater Orlando Aviation Authority

Gresham Smith - Aviation, Civic, Health, Transportation, Water

Gregory Stock Design


Hard Rock Cafe International

Harvard Jolly Architecture

Health First, Inc.

Heery Design

Helman Hurley Charvat Peacock/ Architects, Inc.

HHCP Architects, Inc.


HKS Architects, Inc.

HOK, Inc. - Tampa, FL

Houseman Architecture- Commercial, Education, Hospitality, Medical, Business

HR Unlimited Builders LLC- Commercial, Restaurants, Hospitality, Entertainment & Residential

Huitt-Zollars, Inc.

Hunton Brady Architects, P.A.


Ian Vingoe Consulting

Innovative Quest II Corp.

Insightful Design & Architcture, PLLC

Interstruct, Inc.

ISC Design & Development


Jacobs - Commercial, Office, Planning, Technology, Transportation

Jay Ammon Architect

JK2 Holmes Constructors, LLC

JNR architect, LLC

John Daniel Jenkins Architect, LLC

John Hackler & CO/SYNERGY architecture, LLC

John Henry Masterworks Design International, Inc. - New Luxury Home Design, Remodeling Single Family Homes, Interior Design

John S. Dickerson Architect, Inc.

Johnston Group Development & Design, Inc. - Commercial, industrial, land development, management residential, structural

JSA Architects, P.A.


K Merck & Associates, Inc.

Katz Group Real Estate

Kenneth Rinker Architect PLLC

Kevin Schweizer Architect - Churches, Business, Commercial, Residential, Sustainable

KLPNstudio, LLC - Commercial, Government, Civic, Non-Profit, Office

KMA Design Group, LLC

KMF Architects

KNZ Companies

KR Design Group LLC

KTH Architects







L. Scott Fetterhoff AIA Architect

L2 Studios, Inc - Arch/ID, Hospitality, Resort, Commercial, Planning

L3 Healthcare Design, Inc.

LaBella Associates

Lamar Design Incorporated

Larson Design Group - Retail, Industrial, Educational, Engineering, Land Development

Lee Sayers Architects

Le-Huu Partners Architects/Urbanists

Leisure & Hospitality Design International Inc

Lingerfelt International

Little Diversified Architectural Consulting

Looney Ricks Kiss, Inc.

Lougheed Resource Group Inc

LRK Architects, Inc.

Luddy Architecture, LLC


M Squared Group

M. J. Cooper II Architect

Marcel Vandersluis Architect

Mark Alden Johnson - Architect

Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corporation

Matern Professional Engineering Inc

McCree Architects & Engineers, Inc.


Metro Arcchitecture Partnership

Michael Brady, Inc.

Michael Lynn, Architect

Michejda Consulting Services

MILES architecture group inc

MLM - Martin Architects Inc. - Aviation, Commercial, Entertainment, Governmental, Industrial, Medical

MMG Murdock Management Group, LLC

Morris Architects, A Huitt-Zollars Company

MRI Architectural Group Inc.


Nasrallah Architectural Group, Inc.

NBC Universal

Newopen Group, Inc.

Nick A. Jones Architect, LLC

Nick Opreanu, AIA

Norman W. Nesmith ARCHITECT

NV5, Inc.


OCPS Design and Contruction

Ohlson Lavoie Collaborative

OM Projects & Design, LLC

Orange County Florida Building Division


pcm+design architects - Educational, Office, Civic, Commercial

Phil Kean Designs

Pi Architects - Architecture, Interiors, Landscape, Healthcare & Design

PNM Architecture


Powell Design Group, Inc.

Powell Studio Architecture, LLC

Process Architecture, LLC

Providence One Partners, LLC


Quist Design Works


R. Miller Architecture


Ratliff Architecture & Urban Design, PL

Raymond - Architecture, Engineering, Building Envelope, Governmental, Commercial

RHBj Consulting, LLC

Rhodes + Brito Architects

Richard Foley, AIA

Richard Krent Architect

Richard Matz Design Associates, Inc.

Rick Swisher Architect, Inc.

Ripley Entertainment Inc

RLArchitecture, Inc.

RLF Architects + Engineers + Interiors - Commercial Office, Educational Facilities, Industrial Facilities, Institutional Facilities, Interiors

RM Plus Design and Development, LLC - Entertainment, Restaurants, Commercial, Hospitality, Multi-Family

Rodney Jefferson Architect

Rogers, Lovelock & Fritz, Inc.

Romero VanRell Jeng & Associates



RW Block Consulting


SBLM Architects, P.C.

Schenkel Shultz Architecture

Scott + Cormia Architecture & Interiors - Multi-Family,  Commercial, Educational, Medical & Residential

Sean Lackey Architecture

Silling Architects - Civic, Criminal Justice, Governmental, Multi-Family, Public Safety

Sketch to Form inc.

SLAM Collaborative - Civic, Criminal Justice, Corporate, Entertainment, Higher Education

Slocum Platts Architects, P.A. - Multi-Family, Residential, Hospitality, Club Houses & Commercial

SMA architecture + interiors - Retail, Publix, Medical, Industrial, Restaurants

SpecGuy Specifications Consultants - Sustainable; Educational; Multi-family; Health; Governmental

Speizle Architectural Group, Inc. - Healthcare; Senior Living; Schools; Mixed Use; Commercial

Stantec Architecture Inc.

Starkitect Studio, Inc

Steve Krone AIA architect

Strollo Architects, Inc.

Studio 407, LLC

Studio G



Temple Grove, Inc.


Terry Irwin Architects - Residential, Single-Family

The Evans Group, Inc.

The Gravity Company, LLC

The Lunz Group

The Nassal Company

The Nemours Foundation

The Walt Disney Co.

Thomas Design International

Thomas E. Cunnigham, Architect

TLC Engineering for Architecture

Toll Architecture

Toll Brothers Inc.

Tavistock Development Company

Trenton Architects, LLC

Trindade Studios - Interior, Residential, Single-Family, Sustainable, Technology

Turner Construction Company


Um Design Studio - Commercial, Residential, Interior Design

Universal Creative

Universal Studios

University of Central Florida

University of Florida School of Architecture CityLab-Orlando

University of Tennessee


Wakefield Beasley & Associates

Walker Design - Commercial, Corporate, Interior, Restaurants, Industrial

Walt Disney World Design & Engineering

Ware Malcomb


Westgate Resorts, Ltd.

Westminster Services

Wigington, Inc.

William Chapin, Architect

William Miller Architect

Winter Park Design, Inc.

WJ WEEKS Architecture llc

WJH Architect, LLC

WJH Health - Healthcare Planning Strategy

Women in the Arts Inc.

Workaholic Studios - Entertainment, Hospitality, Corporate, Interior & Technology

WRD' Architecture


Zero Latitude Inc

ZHA Incorporated

Zyscovich Architects- Corporate, Educational, Interior, Residential, Retail






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