AIA Orlando Lunch Seminar by Stabil Concrete

AIA Orlando Lunch Seminar Presented by Stabil Concrete.

Exploring GFRC

GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) is widely used today for both new building construction and for recladding of existing building facades.  It is lightweight, strong, durable, sustainable, and available in an almost unlimited array of shapes, colors, and textures.  GFRC allows the Architect the widest possible range of creative, artistic, and architectural expression for the most visible elements of a structure. GFRC can be manufactured to faithfully reproduce the look and feel of architectural precast and a wide variety of natural stone, at a fraction of the weight.  Interest and usage of GFRC-glass fiber reinforced concrete as a viable architectural building and design material has dramatically increased over the last several years.  Innovation in GFRC materials, manufacturing technologies, and applications offer distinct advantages.  This presentation provides an understanding of GFRC, its sustainability, and its many uses, to assure that a quality product is specified and obtained.


Location: AIA Orlando- 801 N. Magnolia Ave, Suite 109, Orlando, FL 32803

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