Government Affairs 
AIA Orlando needs members to take lead for advocacy in their local communities: to strengthen the voice of the architectural profession through the engagement of legislators, their staff, and other AIA members on issues that affect architects.  Some of the key areas of focus for the Government Affairs Committee include growth management, historic resources, school construction, & urban design.
Aranya Mom, AIA
Committee Chair
Legislative Days

AIA Florida Legislative Days took place the last week of February. For this event in past two years, we mobilized, got on the bus to Tallahassee, hustled our way up and down the State Capitol Complex to meet legislators, then got back on the bus to Orlando. As eventful as that legislative marathon session was, this year we Zoomed it. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we held virtual sessions with a number of Florida representatives and senators on multiple days. We may not have walk the grounds, but we still covered plenty of virtual ground. It was not business-as-usual, but it was still welcomed business. Despite the challenges imposed on all Floridians, we are grateful that our lawmakers made their offices available to us. We are thankful to still have the opportunity to engage with the legislators and advocate for our profession.


Take a look at this year’s AIA Florida’s Poster titled “TRANSFORMATION: Practice. Places. People” that celebrates the built evolution of the Florida Capitol Complex. Take note of the highlighted Legislative Issues. These are the topics we discussed with the legislators.

  • Deregulation – a proposed Bill calls for the review and sunsetting of occupational and professional licenses, including architecture, under DBPR.

    • Request: Architects, in their protection of health, safety, and welfare should be removed from these bills.

  • Consultants’ Competitive Negotiation Act – CCNA ensures the best overall project delivery, cost management and owner satisfaction. Public entities that use QBS-style procurement methods for these services are better able to control construction costs and achieve a consistently higher degree of project satisfaction.

    • Request: Oppose any legislative action that may seek to weaken CCNA’s qualifications-based selection process. NOTE: a late House bill was introduced that would weaken the CCNA.

  • Resiliency – a House and Senate Bill proposes to create statewide Office of Resiliency and the statewide Sea-Level Rise Task Force.

    • Request: AIA Florida supports the adoption of these Bills. Architects are uniquely qualified to advise the task force as it deliberates potential impacts and solutions.


If you or your firm pursue public projects, please familiarize yourself with CCNA. For nearly 50 years, this Florida Act is the gold standard of qualifications and procurement of public projects that other states have copied and modeled after. If you believe in Resiliency in our built environment and all the infrastructure that could be severely impacted, think about drinking water, HVAC, agriculture, and the trauma that could follow. Think about the recent Hurricanes; think about Mexico Beach; think about Texas. If you care about YOUR hard earned professional license. Think about the education, the internship and the all-nighters you did. If you want to oppose deregulation and the sunsetting of our professional license, JOIN the Government Affairs Committee. Help us help you. Let’s make everyday, a day of advocacy.

LD 2021 SenBaxley.PNG
Virtual Zoom Meeting with Representatives and Senators