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International Committee
The global practice of architecture is on the rise. Some firms are entering the international practice for the first time, and others are seasoned veterans, perhaps with offices worldwide. In either case, these firms could benefit from an active international committee in their local AIA component. 
The mission of the International Committee is to promote excellence in the international practice of architecture and to serve as a resource to members by disseminating information on international markets, practice and professional designs. 

OiC purpose:

To acquire knowledge in international policy and trade issues.

To facilitate and enhance the international practices of the members.

To foster relationships with architects abroad.

To Network and forum for the exchange of knowledge.

To serve as a point of contact for international protocol functions such as reception of foreign professionals, response to foreign inquiries, foreign internship placements, and international relations.

To serve as Liaison to the State and National AIA International Committee.


Committee structure:

This multi-discipline committee accommodates international guests, organizes programs for member firms, research articles for the component news, and helps members understand the laws and codes of international practice.

The core members of the structure include:

Chair member, Vice-chair, Treasurer, Media, Website Coordinator, Events and Calendar, Secretary.

The committee welcomes all levels of membership, AIA and Associate AIA members from small and large firms, Engineers, Allied Consultants and Architecture Students from U.S. and around the world.

Other members include members of the U.S. Department of Commerce and representatives of the Local chamber of commerce.


Program potential:

The OiC organizes continuing education programs that respond to the basic practice issues to a predominant world region where practices are focused. Some of the topics might include:

Getting the Work (How to market internationally, the go/no-go decision, Market profiles of countries, How to work with multinational banks, following a client overseas, and Videoconferencing to enter foreign markets).

Doing the Work (Digital collaborations, International contracts and negotiations, Intellectual property and copyright issues, Outsourcing production Work, Travel do’s and don’ts, Multiculturalism in international practice).

Sharing the Work (Guest speaker programs, AIA convention programs, Young Architects/foreign practice, Videoconferences with foreign architects, Cross-border partnerships).

Enjoying the Work (Travel anecdotes, Interpersonal relationships).


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The AIA Global Practice Primer

The AIA Global Practice Primer is designed for architects who are either considering the pursuit of projects abroad or are already engaged in international work.

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