YAF Next

Factur - Orlando Makerspace | 6pm

520  Virginia Dr,  Orlando, FL 32803


What is NEXT? NEXT is aimed at bringing together creative young designers, artists, groups, and organizations that are motivated to creating positive change in our   local community. Individually we all care about what happens to our city so let’s work together be a part of what happens NEXT!

Doug Brown
Owner | Factur
Factur is a member-driven fabrication laboratory, maker, co-working and event space that serves as a creative home in which people work, learn and build a community rooted in science, art and technology.


Clayton Ferrara
IDEAS for Us
Since 2008, IDEAS For Us (IDEAS) has helped people all over the World to take action and create innovative environmental solutions. We provide funding for action projects, develop metrics and indicators to measure impact, and leverage our allies and partners to scale solutions to the places that need them most.

Forrest Lawson
Local Artist | Sculptor
An exploration of sculpture and literary art concerning the condition of being gay.

Viviana Castro & Johan Bueno
Dix. Hite + Partners
Presenting the past year creating the WHAT IF - tool for Place Making in public communities.

John Rife
Owner | East End Market
Discussing how food halls, urban agriculture and local entrepreneurship can serve as place making tools for community development and revitalization.
@EastEndMkt / @JohnRife

David Matteson
Orlando Museum of Art
Art/Works: How Original Works of Art Can Impact Employee Motivation. applying current research in the field of organizational behavior to explore the connection between the aesthetics of the office and employee motivation.

Gerard Nadeau, AIA
Art of Space
Presenting his nationally recognized work with Art of Space and how a participatory program of systematic architectural installation can fuel cultural and economic change in center city districts.

Justin Paul
Local Musician
Discussing and demonstrating the unique sounds and music of the steel drum instrument, the Handpan.

Location: Factur

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