Canstruction Orlando 2017



Canstruction Orlando 2017 theme is Honey, I Shrunk the Hunger! 

As you know each year Canstruction Orlando teams raise money to buy food to build their Canstructions. At the end of each Canstruction Orlando teams donate to the Second Harvest Food Bank. 

What you may not know however, is that just as important as the food donated to the food bank, Canstruction Orlando each year aims to raise awareness of the hunger problem in Central Florida. 

So this year they ask that you showcase just how big an impact we can make! Take something small and make it HUGE! As we make everything around us bigger, we CAN make hunger SMALLER!

October 20
Can Count Due
October 22
Canstruction Build
October 23
Jury Meets
October 27
Awards Celebration
November 4
November 7
Reconciliation Due

Location: Fashion Square Mall

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