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ADVOCACY gives us a seat at the table... FAPAC (Florida Architects Political Action Committee) gives us a voice


Consider it an INVESTMENT in your bottom line. That's right, you get a RETURN for your participation. Whether it is a tax on architectural services, statewide code changes, or the legislative review of architects' licensure requirements, the Florida Legislature addresses issues that can cost you plenty.

Architecture is among the most highly regulated -- and most complex -- professions of any field. By INVESTING in FAPAC, you raise the level of awareness of architects in the political process. Additionally, you can help elect lawmakers who are supportive of AIA's political agenda, and most importantly, understand the nature of your profession.

In recent years, FAPAC has targeted candidates that have made a difference. Through our political efforts and local input, we contributed to candidates who were major players and yes were elected.


Contributions are not deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes.


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