Jury Comments
Navae Vitae: Active Life
  • Ambitiously successful project from a technological point of view.
  • Appreciated how the systems are celebrated in the facade and not buried away.
  • Clear section shows how the different systems work relative to the environment.
Restoring Light Memorial
  • The way that the façade glows at night makes you think about what the project is celebrating.
  • Accessible from the street and how it integrates with the life of the city.
  • Expands beyond the site to the neighborhood and provides much needed shade to the area.
Meditation Center
  • Powerful and bold move with a sense of abstraction.
  • Natural light coming through the screen would make for an interesting Interior space.
  • Good procession from entry into the main spaces.
Health Park
  • Very clear and well executed building diagram.
  • Detailed and thoughtful craftmanship.
  • Successful use of familiar form that cantilevers reaching out into the landscape
  • The transparency of the façade lets you see how the connecting spaces work.
Lakeland Regional Health Carol Jenkins Pavilion
  • Tapering of the façade engages the landscape and grounds the building
  • Public space and circulation have a sense of articulation and modulation that make the interior space wonderful for this type of building typology.
  • Appreciated the way natural and artificial light were integrated into the public spaces.
  • Attention to even small details such as the terrazzo flooring wrapping up into the bench by the stair or the ACT ceiling integrating lighting and mechanical systems in a successful manner.
  • Very well carried out from the big moves to the fine details.
Orlando Health Freestanding Emergency Dep
  • Craft and composition of the exterior resonated with jury.
  • Organization is clearly reflected in the façade.
  • Organization is simple in plan but rich with the simple moves along the public space.
  • Drop off canopy makes a striking front door to the building.
Signature Flight Support Headquarters
  • Clearly defined concept and design drivers were carried out throughout the entire project.
  • Had a sense of openness that visually and spatially allowed the interior to feel as part of the landscape.
  • Craftsmanship and composition of the interior space was nicely executed.
  • Good variety of spaces with cubicles, offices and various collaboration areas throughout.
Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Appreciate the layering of cladding materials to emphasize the different massing.
  • Materiality of the building transforms it from an impersonal project typology into a personal and accessible one, feeling more like a home than an institution.
  • Coloration of façade and screening help break down the scale of the building.
  • Geometry of the building allowed for all sides to be responsive to the environment.
Private Residence: House in the Woods
  • Appreciated how the building was sited and how it engaged the landscape.
  • Folds in the plan create successful interior and exterior spaces
  • Roof forms and the use of natural light emphasize connection to the landscape from the interior.
  • Depth of rooms in plan allow for good access to natural light and ventilation.