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What Happens the Day After Open House? Equipment Management Strategy in a Post COVID-19 World

Tuesday, November 16th, 2021

12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.


This is an AIA / EDAC approved lecture for 1 CEU Synopsis of: What happens the day after open house?
Equipment Management Strategy in a post COVID-19 World This presentation will discuss the difference between “managing” clinical environments and the point of care as they relate to technology as opposed to just “dealing” with this space. We will discuss the importance of providing your clients tools to manage their space post occupancy.
Functional changes often take place faster than facilities can be built. During the lifecycle of a facility, or after the completion of construction or renovations, clinicians are often left to “deal with” a design intent which may no longer match their current needs. Many clinicians who began the design process may not be in the same position, or even be working there, when the commissioned project is complete. Perception drives reality in a Post Covid-19 world.
The perception of cleanliness also is affected by the physical environment. The perception of clutter—even when environments are clean—can lead to lower patient satisfaction scores. You will learn how managing a clinical environment will support re-building trust in healthcare delivery and allow for a “TRUE” Terminal clean after discharging a patient. Especially in a Post COVID-19 world, Post Occupancy flexibility is more critical than ever. An Equipment Management Strategy gives Owners, Managers, and Users the tools to “change and manage” their environments after they occupy the new space. We will discuss the latest FGI Guidelines for Emergency Conditions and how to “Future-Proof” a facility in order to more safely and rapidly respond to unforeseen surge populations.
We will demonstrate how to reduce both construction costs and long-term maintenance and operating expenses for medical gas and infection control devices and technology. The NFPA, the Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services and the Joint Commission all mandate preparedness for a mass casualty event. Pre-planning for this in the master planning and design stage helps any facility to manage surge populations more effectively in the future.
Attendees will earn 1 HSW.


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