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AIA Florida Legislative Days: Event Recap
January 27-28, 2020
AIA Orlando
801 N. Magnolia Ave. Ste. 109 Orlando, FL 32803

AIA Orlando hosted a group of our Architect and Allied members as well as students to Florida's Capitol, Tallahassee, to engage with our state policymakers. The group experienced first hand how laws are made in the State of Florida, and discussed important issues affecting the practice of architecture with our legislators!­ When we identify emerging issues and move forward as one, we make a difference.

Our collective voice matters! We are happy to represent AIA Orlando and AIA Florida at Legislative Days! We welcome architects, associates, students and allied members.


Key Issues


Public Financing of Construction Projects

Public Financing of Construction Projects; Prohibiting state-financed constructors from commencing construction of certain structures in coastal areas without first conducting a sea level impact projection study

Public Procurement of Services

Revises maximum dollar amount for construction project continuing contracts

Deregulation of Professions and Occupations

Citing this act as the “Occupational Freedom and Opportunity Act”; deleting the requirement that a yacht broker maintain a separate license for each branch office; specifying that the failure to repay certain student loans is not considered a failure to perform a statutory or legal obligation

Florida Building Code

Requiring that the Florida Building Code require that the entire envelope of certain buildings being constructed or rebuilt be impact resistant and constructed with high wind-resistant construction materials


Local Licensing

Providing that individuals who hold valid, active local licenses may work within the scope of such licenses in any local government jurisdiction without needing to meet certain additional licensing requirements

Florida Climate and Resiliency Research Program

Establishes program within DEP; provides for program purpose & participants; requires program to submit Florida Resiliency Plan to Governor & Legislature at specified intervals

For a full list of the 2020 legislative issues, click here

Thank You to Our Sponsors

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