Guest National Speaker: William Maclay


The New Net Zero

Guest National Speaker: William Maclay, FAIA

Leading-Edge Design and Construction of Homes and Buildings for a Renewable Energy Future.

Maclay, an award-winning Net Zero designer who's buildings have achieved high-performance goals at affordable cost, makes the case for a Net Zero future; explains Net Zero building metrics, integrated design practices, and renewable energy options; provides practical construction details; and shares his lessons learned on building successful teams for Net Zero construction projects.

Maclay’s presentation would be geared towards professionals exploring Net Zero design, but it is also valuable to non-professionals/including communities/ seeking ideas, examples, and strategies on Net Zero options that are beautiful and renewably powered.


We are in the midst of an ecological crisis that affects every aspect of our future. Perhaps it's the greatest challenge that human evolution has faced. What can be done? How can architects lead in visioning and implementing a viable, inspiring path forward? How can we move from overwhelm and powerlessness to action and success?  What are the challenges unique to hot humid climates like Florida? What are strategies and directions for designing net zero buildings in Florida? How can net zero design  address climate change,  inspire  innovative and leading edge design,  attract clients and  enhance the financial stability and  success of  your architecture practice.   The author of the book, The New Net Zero, will share his and other firms’ work from around the globe, will offer strategies and practices for how architects can successfully address climate change, and explore how architects can be leaders in creating a positive path forward for the planet.



Location: Winter Park Community Center 721 West New England Avenue Winter Park, FL 32789

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