Architectural Guide to Central Florida

Get your first run copy of -An Architectural Guide to Central Florida- the first available guide to offer visitors and natives alike an overview of outstanding buildings spanning nearly a century and a half of growth in Central Florida. With dramatic color photography, the guidebook introduces the major cities from Daytona to Lake Wales, and architects who have shaped the communities, including Murry S. King, James Gamble Rogers II, Nils M. Schweizer and Gene Leedy, with essays by ten knowledgeable experts. It showcases historic buildings from the early twentieth century, mid-century modern, to the present, as well as the only campus designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and a new spectacular Polytechnic University by Santiago Calatrava. A bevy of buildings at Walt Disney World and Celebration Florida by Leading National and International architects Robert Stern, Arata Isozaki, Phillip Johnson, Aldo Rossi, Michael Graves, Venturi Scott Brown, Graham Gund, Welton Becket, Walt Disney Imagineering, and Architectonica round out the collection.


Nearly three hundred featured buildings in the six-county region are included, with a comprehensive index organizing buildings by architect and building types. Additional short biographs in the Appendix provide information on notable local architects who’s buildings are included in the catalog. The book includes addresses and maps, to aid self-guided tours exploring the legacy of Orlando area’s architectural masterpieces. It is destined to become a treasured part of one’s library.  The full-color guidebook is scheduled to be available around the holidays this year, as well as, through the Conference registration process and at the Host Chapter Booth during the AIA Conference on Architecture 2017.


Pre-sales have begun. Purchase your copy when registering or contact to add your name to the reserve list.