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Orlando Foundation for Architecture

The Orlando Foundation for Architecture is a member-based network dedicated to public education that inspires people to discover WHY DESIGN MATTERS.

The Foundation celebrates Orlando as a center of innovation and creativity. It promotes the exchange of ideas and encourages the public to participate in building vibrant communities that make Central Florida a globally significant region.

Through educational programs, exhibits, and events, the Orlando Foundation for Architecture promotes public understanding and appreciation of architecture and design. It inspires creativity and exploration of architecture, engineering, and design – all in an effort to understand WHY DESIGN MATTERS.

Programs, exhibitions, and events take place at AIA Orlando and in schools and community sites throughout Central Florida. The Foundation works closely with AIA Orlando to develop scholarship and grant opportunities that advance studies in the field of architecture and design.

To create a forum to inspire local citizens by engaging them with thought leaders, civic leaders, academics, and design professionals to share knowledge and celebrate design solutions that enhance the built environment, natural environment and economic vitality of the Central Florida region.

The vision of the Orlando Foundation for Architecture is to develop vibrant, social, and sustainable communities throughout Central Florida by engaging the public, inspiring vision, & implementing positive change. 

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The Orlando Foundation for Architecture is proud to promote architecturally significant tours to members and the public.  Tours are currently being planned and will be available soon.  Please check back.

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Scholarship Fund

Give to the Scholarship Fund

Today's high cost of education poses a significant challenge to students seeking professional degrees in architecture.  The average cost of tuition for a bachelor of architecture degree is $19,791-$26,252 per year; while the average cost for a masters in architecture is about $30,000 per year.  The average debt of an architectural degree graduate is $38,175!

Why Give?

Research shows that for every $1,000 in increased tuition costs, enrollment drops by 5%. You can help! By contributing to the Scholarship Fund for future architects, you will:

  • Educate the next generation of design professionals
  • Attract the best and brightest students to Central Florida
  • Help keep Central Florida's brightest students here in Orlando
  • Give tomorrow's innovators and design visionaries the tools to achieve
  • Raise the academic profile of the 2+2+2 program
  • Help develop Central Florida as a global design mecca


Designed to Attract and Retain Top Design Talent in Central Florida

The scholarship program is available to high-achieving students with financial need who seek to attend and graduate from the nation's first 2+2+2 architectural degree program right here in Orlando.  The 2+2+2 educational program is a partnership between CityLab-Orlando, the University of Central Florida, and Valencia College to guide students through a comprehensive higher education program culminating in a Master of Architecture degree.

Each scholarship award is intended to assist in a student's educational expenses - including tuition, living expenses, books, and required fees.

How You Can Help

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 Join OFA to enrich your life and the lives of others.  The value of an OFA membership goes far beyond the benefits you receive.  OFA members support the Foundation's educational programs, events and tours that engage and inspire the public to discover Why Design Matters.  Help us bring innovative programs to students, community leaders, and design enthusiasts like you - join today!

Attend A Program

OFA provides a comprehensive schedule of programming that connects people of various backgrounds & interests to the exciting world of architecture & design.  Programs are available for personal enrichment and/or professional growth.  Programming areas focus on design, new construction, historic preservation, environmental sustainability, design for improved health, community culture & identity, and featured works of member architects and firms.


List of Programs

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Board of Trustees

Jacki Hale, AIA

Vice Chair
Lauren Zimmerman

Dan Kirby, AIA


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